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Greetings, brothers! I'm Taylor Kruse, your Conclave Vice-Chief of Registration. We have designed this site with you in mind, to make your registration experience as easy and smooth as possible. Please watch the video below, and then scroll down the page to begin your registration experience. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for help!

What is Conclave? Next to a Jamboree and a National Order of the Arrow Conference, a Section Conclave is probably the largest inter-Council event in the Boy Scouts of America. The Conclave program is to increase the knowledge and understanding of the delegates of the member Lodges in all aspects of the Order of the Arrow program. Arrowmen should be inspired to set and commit themselves to higher goals of performance for themselves and their Lodges, and should be provided the training necessary to achieve these goals. Importantly, all aspects of the program are directed by leaders younger than 21 with adults serving in advisory capacities only.

But what is Conclave? It consists of Training, Shows, Indian Events, Activities, Workshops, patch trading, fellowship and the election of officers for next year. In addition current and former National officers usually attend. From Friday night until Sunday morning one can be assured that there will be plenty of activities to keep you busy. Opportunities exist for those who wish to just participate up to and including the planning and execution of these events.

Where is it? This year the event is at the Heard Scout Pueblo, Phoenix, AZ. Please click here for a map.

What to bring? Everyone will be camping on site so make sure to bring a tent, sleeping bag and whatever else you will need to have an enjoyable stay. Since this is a Boy Scout camp and activities will be spread out, make sure to have some good hiking shoes, sunscreen, hat and canteen. Saturday meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and cracker barrel) and Sunday breakfast are included. There will be a snack bar and Section/Lodge items available to purchase so make sure to bring some extra money. Since this is a Boy Scout event, make sure to bring your Class A uniform and sash. Don’t forget that you also need your BSA Medical Form. Any additional items will be communicated to all who register.

Sponsor program: If you would like to help a youth to attend Conclave, there is a special way to help them out. If you go to the online trading post, you will see a tab for our Sponsor program. For $25 you will receive a limited edition version of the Conclave patch and the entire $25 will go to help offset the cost of a youth attending the Conclave. You can purchase as many as you like and all money will go to help youth attend.

If you are a youth and wish to take advantage of this program, please reach out to your Lodge Chief or Adviser for ways that you may qualify. Last year we had more sponsors than youth who used the sponsorships. Don’t miss out!