2018 Conclave Training Update

The Section officers are taking a new approach to Conclave training this year. Instead of the traditional approach of packing the class options with as many classes and activities the COC can come up with, the officers decided to spread the training responsibilities across all of the section committees. This training structure is more focused on providing you the tools and technical skills necessary to further strengthen your own lodges and chapters within multiple different disciplines.

This has led to the current training structure of using “tracks” and “guided Workshops” with a schedule of:

  • Training Session 1
  • Training Session 2
  • Training Session 3
  • Lunch
  • Guided Workshop 1
  • Guided Workshop 2

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2018 Conclave Patch Design Contest

The time for designing the coveted W6W Conclave patch set has come! Our theme this year is based on the board game: Monopoly. To complement our theme, this year’s message is: ” 4 Lodges, 1 Purpose ” Using the theme and message as inspiration, we challenge you to come up with a unique patch design to represent this year’s Conclave! Find a way to represent the camaraderie and fellowship of Conclave on your design and surely you will design the best patch to represent Section W6W this year.


  • Must include the W6W Roadrunner (Robbie the Roadrunner)
  • Must be related to the Conclave theme: Monopoly
  • 10 or fewer colors
  • Submissions due by April 26

Lastly, this year’s winner will have a Conclave scholarship made in their name to be given to one youth of the winner’s choosing (can be the winner of the competition). This scholarship will waive the Conclave fee for any youth and allow them to experience the Conclave for free!


Please send any questions and submissions to chief@sectionw6w.org

2016 Conclave Vice Chief Interest Form

Section W-6W is in need of youth Arrowmen to serve as 2016 Conclave Vice Chiefs (CVCs). Under the guidance of Section Leadership, each CVC will work with an Adviser to plan and execute one aspect of the Section Conclave. CVCs are also responsible for attending the Section Leadership Retreat (SLR) and Council of Chiefs (COC) meetings, and communicating their committee’s program and facility needs to the Service Lodge. If you are interested in having this unique opportunity to assist in planning and delivering the Conclave program to hundreds of participants from Section W-6W, follow the link below and fill out the online interest form by 11:59pm (PST) on February 29th, 2016.

2016 CVC Interest Form